During my 2-minutes of silence earlier today, I was thinking about the ages of the majority of those men and women who died in WW1 and 2, and that they had never even hit adulthood. “Boys sent to do the job that men could no longer do”.

I used to picture war…Hollywood Style. Grown men fighting along side of men…but they were not grown men; boys who had to grow up oh too fast, fighting along side those of the same…

No backing out… There was no, “I wish to quit the military”. They were in it until one of 3 things took them out: serious wound, end of war, or death. Not great odds.

Yet knowing all the risks they believed in something greater than themselves, and they went valiantly into war.

(I pray not) but if there was a ‘necessity’ to enlist an army today and mothers & fathers were asked to allow their 17-18 year old to pick up a gun and go kill the enemy, there would be riots in the streets of public outcry!

But that’s what they fought for, to give other young men and women the freedom to grow up. To live full lives, and to develop their potential.

Love and respect all our veterans. They were young once, and loved life to the fullest, but they put everything on the line so that we can now have the freedom to choose our fate. They sacrificed their youth, so you could enjoy yours.

Respect them.