I have to admit, I’m not much of a religious man but with all this talk about raptures and apocalypses I thought I’d give me life a look, and see if there are some things I want to strike off me bucket list before the ‘new’ date for the rapture, October 21, 2011. So, here is an abridged version of me original bucket list of 1007 things:

1 ) Watch the entire Star Trek: Next Generation series. Mmmm..Deanna Troi…
2 ) Re-watch the M.A.S.H. finale. *tear*
3 ) Learn how to breakdance.
4 ) Ride a horse (save a cowboy?)
5 ) Watch some yoga. (Ohhh those yoga pants…)
6 ) Burn a couple dozen pair of Crocs (sorry in advance Mother Nature.).
7 ) Dance like there’s nobody watchin.
8 ) “Twins Basil…Twins…”
9 ) Skydive (WITH a parachute).
10 ) Meet Platinum Blonde!
11 ) Square dance with a hillbilly.
12 ) Get a Brazilian (no idea what they are but I hear the girls find um sexy).
13 ) Have a nice feed of fresh baked bread (mudder, countin on you fer this one).
14 ) Dance, dance, dance the night away.
15 ) Start the apocalypse.

But everyone, this time if the old kook is wrong, and we wake to a new day dawns on October 22, can we not keep him in the news? He obviously doesn’t have all his faculties….

Til Next Time Remember: it’s great when youngsters listen to their grandparents, but should the grandparent start talkin apocalypse, maybe it’s time to call someone ‘professional’…cause someone’s gone a little nuts…