I’m a big fan of Reality TV…from Big Brother to Survivor, I’ve watched my fair share of evictions, power of veto’s, bromances and torches being snuffed out. But what I have noticed over the past few years is that there has been a shift from ‘situation’ reality to extreme-reality. Every title has to have a superlative to describe how grand it is; like The Biggest Looser or The Amazing Race. But none is more gross than Extreme Couponing.

One thing is for certain, society is getting fatter and shudder as you may, you know it’s true. You hear it on the news, you read it in the paper: “What can we do to make America slim again?” they ponder…I’ll tell you what to do: stop buying junk and romanticising it by calling it extreme!

The North American diet sucks; we all know it. We eat empty calories and corn syrup by the truckload. And what have we been told about carbs and processed foods by the experts? They make us fat.

I realize that heredity has lots to do with our overall physical shape but, when you watch overweight people shop and all they pick up is crap, the argument goes out the window a little, doesn’t it…??

I see the argument from the coupon clippers; who wouldn’t like to cut a chunk out of the food budget dollars? But look closely at the garbage that lands in 4 of 6 shopping carts: Chinese noodles, pop(soda for my American friends), energy drinks and Tylenol. Where’s the salt beef? The spuds? The cod cheeks!?

After cleaning out the shelves(with employees applauding as they leave), they bring their trophies home to rest with the other things they’ve been hoarding for the past few missions. Some give a lot of what they score to food banks, but others devote closets/rooms/floors to this obsession.

Maybe I’m just jealous of what these people can accomplish. I’ve often wished I could double up on a manufacturers coupon, I would have a floor of me house dedicated to Vienna Sausage…because they’re good for ya, right?

Maybe they should just call the show, ‘Extreme Malnutrition’ because it’s just showing the bulk buying, not the balanced meals that ya may need. I wonder if all the money saved on groceries is spent on cholesterol meds? Food for thought huh?

Til Next Time Remember: think just as much about what ya puts in yer gob, as you do about what comes out of it.