Parts Unknown

“Second bay on the right and straight on til morning” is how I usually answer where I live. I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “Leaks b’y, who is ya? Are ya a celebrity? Are ya a politician? Are ya Julian Assange? (Yeah it was asked…). Truth is, I just don’t want to answer those questions; “no” on the Assange question though.

Anonymity has its advantages because I can joke around(and pick on) those whom I have been lucky enough to have followed on Twitter and befriended on Facebook. Without segregation, I am an equal opportunist smartarse; I’ll pick on anyone. BUT, I am neither cruel nor argumentative with anyone(unless ya gets me talkin bout Crocs, and then I gets right cross!!). But with no GOOD reason to ‘confess’ who I truly am, I choose to remain anonymous.

I’m not trying to be elusive as to who I am, I just enjoys doin a little jig around the questions…guess that’s kinda the same thing, huh? *note to self: be more jig and less elusive.

Society puts so much emphasis on titles and hierarchy therefore, with heavy heart I officially bow out of the race for the coveted title of Jedi Master. My bio simply states that I am an average Newfie…and that’s all that anyone really needs to know about me…isn’t it? I guess in a way, that’s my title: Average Newfie. And I’m okay with that because I never wanted to be anything but.

Since I started the Wonderful World of NewfiLeaks tm. (haha), I have interacted with a couple ‘celebrities’ via twitter and email, and I can honestly say that if that’s what comes with being an ‘important’ person…they can have it. One individual followed me, and then unfollowed because well, I guess my Klout ( ) was larger than his…(?), and the other blocked me all together because of my name…yes, you read correctly, my name…..m’kay…..whatever floats ya boat m’son.

My view is: the fans are what put you where you are, and snubbing one shows you’ve gotten a little out of touch with us ‘average’ folk.

Just like in Jerry McGuire when the pro athlete wouldn’t sign a card for a kid because it wasn’t the right brand, if you block a fan because of his name (which I don’t believe is overly offensive(feedback is always welcome)) is in essence, cutting off the hand that feeds you.

I’m anonymous because I choose to be. If I should ever achieve celebrity status(and I pray that I never do), may I never be so sure of my success that I loose sight of the really important things like…the fans?

That being said, I wish to thank the two individuals who made me refocus my ‘agenda’ because without you, I may have also started to tailspin out of touch with what’s really important…interaction with my peers!

Til Next Time Remember: society loves a good celebrity crash ‘n burn…I’m not sayin, just sayin…

*No celebrities or pets were harmed in the making of this blog entry.