A few years back, I was helping at a polling station during a federal election and I witnessed something that made me realize what an incredible country we live in.

A young couple from China came in and needed some assistance as to where they needed to go. It was just around supper time so it was quite busy.

Waiting patiently for their turn to vote, I struck up a conversation. I came to realize that this was their first time ever voting, and they were so proud. Most of the people I helped that day considered voting a chore; a burden, but not these two.

I watched with heart-wrenching pride as two ‘new’ Canadians took their first step in democracy, and cast their vote. As I’ve stated in the past, “I don’t care how you vote, just vote” but it was a family from another walk of life, who showed me this, and how lucky we are to be Canadian.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a proud Newfoundlander, but I’m a very patriotic Canadian.

I’ll always jokes with me mainlander friends about how I’m a thoroughbred Newfie (both parents born before Confederation) but, they know how proud a Canadian (and Canadiens fan) I truly am.

But for all her faults, she’s not all bad is she b’ys?

To that Oriental couple who will never know the degree to which they impacted my life: thank you for making me see how lucky I am to live in Canada. In the Russian Roulette of life, I think I lucked out twice: being a Newfoundlander and equally, a proud Canadian.

Til Next Time Remember: sometimes the grass IS greener on the other side…

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