“Ow’s she goin b’y?”

If yer a Newf, then you understood what I just said. If yer not, I basically just asked a fellow Newfoundlander how he(or she) was doing.

Newfinese is a colourful language, and there are many variations of the dialect. We have a sayin fer almost anything! But I’m sad to say that the Newfie-isms that we used to use in everyday conversation is dying out…

Our way of speaking is being systematically converted to “Mainlander(ish)” (which generally consists of a MUCH s l o w e r means of communication). The pronunciation of the “H” being first and foremost.
No fault of their own but, this is none more prominent in the larger towns and cities around Newfoundland (St. John’s being the worst).

I blames it all on cable and satellite. We now gets channels imported for our ‘viewing pleasure’ from all big cities in the US and Canada…and our kids babysitter, what used to be just NTV and CBC, is now CBS, NBC or even worse…FOX!

I’ll sit and watch Survivor because I likes watchin Jeff Probst put out someone’s flame, but I would gladly trade it in for an episode of Republic Of Doyle.

All I’m sayin is that if ya can’t walk down the road and ask, “wha’s up me ol’ cock?” and not feel pride in the way each word tumbles rhythmically off ya tongue, tis time to watch some NTV news…or listen to Paddy on VOCM, because you’ve obviously watched way too much MTV.

Til Next Time Remember: be proud of yer haccent. Don’t let anyone take that away.

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