So…there’s me question, “Why not vote for me?”

May 2nd will soon ‘ere. And still the debate continues ’bout what party?…what platform?…what economic miracle would either of the political magicians pull out of their ass…ets? 😉

I say, vote neither, and vote fer me. I’m the alternatives alternative!

I have formed the NL.P. (NewfiLeaks Party)

Here is me platform:

Promise 1) Crocs will be banned from the workplace.

Promise 2) I would ban the sale of Crocs to adults. Children up to the age of 12 could still wear them.

Promise 3) I would have a centralized depot where people could get rid of their Crocs, for collection, to melt down and make snow tires.

Promise 4) There would be seizure of property if anyone is seen driving/bicycling* while wearing Crocs.
*includes motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, and unicycles.

Every department will be run by me so, we’ll cut down on needless salaries. And that should be all the economic recovery we’d need.

I’d say “non!” to any proposal made by Quebec regarding…well, anything.

I realize that me platform has a few holes, but I’m sure I can plug them up with overstuffed bureaucrats in Ottawa.

Til Next Time Remember: I don’t care how you vote…but vote. If you don’t allow your voice to be heard on election day, best not bitch about the results afterwards.

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The Nemesis

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