When I was a youngster, I was a typical brat. I grew up in one of the ‘undreds of little communities on the coast of Newfoundland. And I was raised in a religious home(not the Bible-thumpin kind), by two loving parents.

We never had plenty, but we had, and that’s what mattered. Mudder was always in charge of the household finances, and fadder, he brought ‘ome the bacon. ‘Course fadder worked ‘way from home mostly so, we’d only see the breadwinner 2 days a week-typical Newfoundland upbringing for the time.

As with ev’ry kid, I loved holidays. Thanksgiving fer the turkey (mudder always wished they’d breed a turkey that had extra legs).
Christmas of course…the presents usually consisted of an array of gifts-and you could be sure to find a knitted mitts and Harry Hibbs cap combo, and Easter.

We’d run ’round the house and find the chocolate eggs that Peter Cottontail had left for us. We’d chow on them until we was sick…and then we’d eat more.!

Mid afternoon, it was time for Easter dinner. Mudder has a way of making potato salad like warm bits of heaven in ya mout. Beet, mustard, and mixed veg, were me favourites salads. All t’ree and a hunk of turkey or prime rib(special-special occasions) and the gravy…was as if God himself came down and stirred it.

After dinner, we’d get ready for church-which usually meant a nap (after you stuffed yourself at dinner)! Then it was time for some TV. There was always a scrap when we had to leave for church at 6:30…half way t’rough Walt Disney…and it was always getting good. But off we went…

By the time we’d be sittin toget’er in church, me mood of’n changed. I’d sing the Hymns. I’d pass the collection plate. I’d bow me head til the prayer(s) were done.

I of’n wish I was a kid again. Not because I wants to go t’rough puberty again, but I knows that me being dragged to church when I was a youngster, was some of me best memories.

To MudderLeaks and FadderLeaks. Loves ya…you made me the man I is and, I’d say I’m not all that bad b’ys! *Good Job*

Thanks for readin me memories b’ys…

Monty Python underestimated the bunny too...

Monty Python underestimated the bunny too…

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