I went to this little restaurant and ordered their “Newfie Fries”! They were so good, I had to get the recipe, so here it is:

I was given 2 styles: ‘wet’ and dry dressing:

    Wet Dressing

Gravy (make your own or use a packet gravy (Swiss Chalet gravy is best!))
Bread Crumbs
Savory (Flakes, not powder)

•Bread Crumbs (if you don’t have any simply put bread in a blender until fine chopped.)
•Fry Onion(fine chopped) in Butter until soft.
•Add a little more Butter.
•Mix in Bread Crumbs and stir in the Butter and Onion.
•1-2tsp of Savory (based on the amount of Bread Crumbs/Onion).
•Fluff Dressing with a fork.
•Sprinkle in a pinch of sugar.
•Sprinkle over top of the Fries.
•Pour on the Gravy.

    Dry Dressing

Bread Crumbs

In a bowl combine the Bread Crumbs, Savory, and pinch of Sugar.
This method is easiest because if allows you to make it up ahead of time.
Then ya just sprinkle it over top of your fries, and pour on the gravy over top!

“Heart Attack On A Plate” is what I was told when he handed me the fries…but they was some shockin good!

Many thanks to the individual who Leaked me the recipe…

‘Til Next Time Remember: Newfoundland Food has been known to be extremely addictive, and people have been known to put on weight!


Heart Attack On A Plate

Heart Attack On A Plate

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