Deer Lake, Newfoundland

“Gots To Get Me Moose B’y” took on a somewhat comic turn last Saturday night in Deer Lake when three good friends all went on the beer, and decided to go out and poach something to eat: a moose.

“I must say, it seemed like a good idea at the time…” said Leaks, walking into court. “But, now that I thinks about it now, twas quite stupid.”

Armed with 2 12-Gauge Shotguns, and a Sling Shot, the poachers drove Eastbound on the TCH. The conditions were less than favourable for the 3; the fog had rolled in, and visibility was near zero.

“I couldn’t see me hand in front of me face but, we needed some grub, and moose shore goes good with a cold beer.”

‘The Moose’ out front of the Irving gas station in Deer Lake was built years ago as a method of catching speeders along the Trans Canada by the RNC. With recent cutbacks, the moose is now just a tourist attraction.

“So, we was creepin along, and I sees this mother-of-a moose! He was for shore a couple tousand pounds!! So I drops the passenger window, and me buddy Rocky starts firing. Well, that woke up Rex, who was sittin in the middle, passed out, and then he started firin too!!
Course, we was all flabbergasted that the moose was still standin! Then again, with that size of an animal, he could’ve probably taken 1-2 more shots, so we blasted him again.”

All-in-all, 43 shots were fired; 42 from the shells collected, and one rock embedded between the moose’s eyes.

Nice Shot Leaks, Enjoy Prison.

Til Next Time Remember: Eat A Peach.

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Deer Lake Moose Gets 'Buck'shot

Deer Lake Moose Gets ‘Buck’shot

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