It’s no surprise to us that the rest of Canada looks at us Newfie’s as the idiot cousin that everyone has to see at Christmas. It could be because of our ‘outrageous accent’ (said in a Monty Python style), or could it be the slang terms we use? Whatever it is, we can sometimes be the brunt of many-a-joke. We often tell the jokes!

So, when you see a ‘Newfie’ joke happening in front of your eyes, what do you do? You grab your damn camera, and capture it for posterity! That’s what!

Central Newfoundland

(I will omit the name of the town this photo was taken, to protect the Source of the photo)

“I was drivin down the Main road in me hometown, and I drove past the ‘town’ grage.” said O.P., who was on vacation with his family in 2007.
“I drove twards what I spied to be a truck that had been propped up on she’s two passenger side wheels but, what she was leanin on I aint nar clue…til I passes er.
I almost pissed meself! I trowed er into reverse and whipped out me camera! I sat there laughing for a while but. Anybody would ave done the same ting?
I couldn’t wait to show de wife. She near pissed herself too!”

The ‘town’ garage has been around for years. Being passed down from father to son. I’m gonna assume, that there’s no active Safety Group…unless it was the active member was the boss I spose…

Looking at the picture, you can see that not only was wood used, twas narent the best quality either, I’d say, ay?

So, here’s to ya Buddy!! You showd all of us Newfoundlanders, that not only can we be the joke, we can also show the joke.

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Til Next Time Remember: Be good to your kids, they’ll be the ones picking your retirement homes…

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A Friend Took This Picture

A Friend Took This Picture

Yet another secret thanks to @NewfiLeaks!!

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