When NewfiLeaks exposed to the residents in nearby Corner Brook, that their local landmark the “Face In The Rock” was a made of paper mache, they were outraged!!

“This is the worst thing that has happened since that last thing that happened about that last thing with Kruger!” – said one random guy.

The Face was actually constructed in the 60’s as a method to spy on-and video celebrities and dignitaries-vacationing at a nearby ski resort.
Originally a 5-year program (’60-’65), the agency fell through the Bureaucratic Cracks and each year had its funding renewed.

46 years later, at the taxpayer cost of Seven Thousand Dollars, one wonders if year 47 will happen, or will the Government ‘forget’ that it exists…

Another concerned local screamed:

“Jesus b’ye, I brought me girlfriend…I mean Niece to a chalet there last week, did they record me!!??” -one panic stricken married guy demanded.

We’ll see who’s still standing when the dust settles on this one…

No one knows what the future holds for The Face.

The government is denying all accusations, and are declining me friend requests on Facebook…

Til Next Time Remember: Breath

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It may be dificult to see

It may be dificult to see

Yet another secret thanks to @NewfiLeaks!!

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