My 2-Minutes on Remembrance Day 11/11/11

During my 2-minutes of silence earlier today, I was thinking about the ages of the majority of those men and women who died in WW1 and 2, and that they had never even hit adulthood. “Boys sent to do the job that men could no longer do”.

I used to picture war…Hollywood Style. Grown men fighting along side of men…but they were not grown men; boys who had to grow up oh too fast, fighting along side those of the same…

No backing out… There was no, “I wish to quit the military”. They were in it until one of 3 things took them out: serious wound, end of war, or death. Not great odds.

Yet knowing all the risks they believed in something greater than themselves, and they went valiantly into war.

(I pray not) but if there was a ‘necessity’ to enlist an army today and mothers & fathers were asked to allow their 17-18 year old to pick up a gun and go kill the enemy, there would be riots in the streets of public outcry!

But that’s what they fought for, to give other young men and women the freedom to grow up. To live full lives, and to develop their potential.

Love and respect all our veterans. They were young once, and loved life to the fullest, but they put everything on the line so that we can now have the freedom to choose our fate. They sacrificed their youth, so you could enjoy yours.

Respect them.



Hey Nigeria, You Owe Me $3.4 Million!? PAY UP!

Never been here...

Never been here…

Hi b’ys!

I gets emails all the time from people trying to sell me crap but, this email I got screamed “post me!”. And made me wonder how many morons in this world falls for it!!

Dear: Beloved
I am Mrs. Carolyn Xxxxx; I am a US citizen, 48 years Old. I reside here on Orlando Ave., Lubbock, TX 79423-1942 United States.

I am one of those that executed a contract in Nigeria years ago and was unable to receive my money; I paid over $40,000 trying to get my payment from different offices in Nigeria but all to no avail.
So I decided to travel down to Nigeria myself with all my contract documents and I was directed to meet Rev. Mark Xxxxxxxxx, who happens to be the chairman of Debt Reconciliation Committee.

When I met him he sat me down and explained everything to me. He said that those people that are contacting us through emails are fake, he then took me to the Intercontinental Bank Plc which happen to be the paying bank as approved by the government. Honestly this  singular visit of mine to the bank was the beginning of my much deserved fulfillment in life, as I am  now the happiest woman on this Earth, because I have finally received my full contract funds of US$3.4Million.

It was when I went to Rev. Marks office to personally appreciate what he did for me, that he showed me all the information of those that have not yet received their payment; which is presently pending with their committee, it was on this process that I saw your name as one of the outstanding beneficiaries. That is why I decided to email you directly to strongly advise you to STOP dealing with those people who claimed that your funds are with them because they are not with your funds, they are only making money out of you and feeding from the sweat of innocent 
Name Rev. Mark Xxxxxxxxx’s Email:
Office Address: 13, Bank Road Ikeja- Lagos Nigeria. 

It is important you stop dealing with those impostors who are claiming that your funds are with them when it is all lies, they are only taking advantage of you and ready to dry you up until you have nothing to eat. Please note that the only money I paid throughout this process was just $520 for IRS permit, which I believe you already know about therefore you have to take note of this. Once again you should please stop dealing with those liars who are bent on sending you to bankruptcy by asking for different kind of outrageous fees to complete your transfer. Remember “a stitch on time saves nine”
Thank You and Be Blessed.
Mrs. Carolyn Xxxxx

Like honestly, WTF?
First off, you just jumped on a plane to go check things out in Nigeria? Second, what the hell would some chairman of Debt Reconciliation Committee be doin showin you ANYthing? But it was nice of you to think of me…

Til Next Time Remember: if you fall for this type of email, you deserve everything you get…or in this case, get taken away. $520 in your pocket is better than in a con mans…


Me Bucket List – Apocalypse Edition

I have to admit, I’m not much of a religious man but with all this talk about raptures and apocalypses I thought I’d give me life a look, and see if there are some things I want to strike off me bucket list before the ‘new’ date for the rapture, October 21, 2011. So, here is an abridged version of me original bucket list of 1007 things:

1 ) Watch the entire Star Trek: Next Generation series. Mmmm..Deanna Troi…
2 ) Re-watch the M.A.S.H. finale. *tear*
3 ) Learn how to breakdance.
4 ) Ride a horse (save a cowboy?)
5 ) Watch some yoga. (Ohhh those yoga pants…)
6 ) Burn a couple dozen pair of Crocs (sorry in advance Mother Nature.).
7 ) Dance like there’s nobody watchin.
8 ) “Twins Basil…Twins…”
9 ) Skydive (WITH a parachute).
10 ) Meet Platinum Blonde!
11 ) Square dance with a hillbilly.
12 ) Get a Brazilian (no idea what they are but I hear the girls find um sexy).
13 ) Have a nice feed of fresh baked bread (mudder, countin on you fer this one).
14 ) Dance, dance, dance the night away.
15 ) Start the apocalypse.

But everyone, this time if the old kook is wrong, and we wake to a new day dawns on October 22, can we not keep him in the news? He obviously doesn’t have all his faculties….

Til Next Time Remember: it’s great when youngsters listen to their grandparents, but should the grandparent start talkin apocalypse, maybe it’s time to call someone ‘professional’…cause someone’s gone a little nuts…


Extreme Couponing? Extreme Gluttony.

I’m a big fan of Reality TV…from Big Brother to Survivor, I’ve watched my fair share of evictions, power of veto’s, bromances and torches being snuffed out. But what I have noticed over the past few years is that there has been a shift from ‘situation’ reality to extreme-reality. Every title has to have a superlative to describe how grand it is; like The Biggest Looser or The Amazing Race. But none is more gross than Extreme Couponing.

One thing is for certain, society is getting fatter and shudder as you may, you know it’s true. You hear it on the news, you read it in the paper: “What can we do to make America slim again?” they ponder…I’ll tell you what to do: stop buying junk and romanticising it by calling it extreme!

The North American diet sucks; we all know it. We eat empty calories and corn syrup by the truckload. And what have we been told about carbs and processed foods by the experts? They make us fat.

I realize that heredity has lots to do with our overall physical shape but, when you watch overweight people shop and all they pick up is crap, the argument goes out the window a little, doesn’t it…??

I see the argument from the coupon clippers; who wouldn’t like to cut a chunk out of the food budget dollars? But look closely at the garbage that lands in 4 of 6 shopping carts: Chinese noodles, pop(soda for my American friends), energy drinks and Tylenol. Where’s the salt beef? The spuds? The cod cheeks!?

After cleaning out the shelves(with employees applauding as they leave), they bring their trophies home to rest with the other things they’ve been hoarding for the past few missions. Some give a lot of what they score to food banks, but others devote closets/rooms/floors to this obsession.

Maybe I’m just jealous of what these people can accomplish. I’ve often wished I could double up on a manufacturers coupon, I would have a floor of me house dedicated to Vienna Sausage…because they’re good for ya, right?

Maybe they should just call the show, ‘Extreme Malnutrition’ because it’s just showing the bulk buying, not the balanced meals that ya may need. I wonder if all the money saved on groceries is spent on cholesterol meds? Food for thought huh?

Til Next Time Remember: think just as much about what ya puts in yer gob, as you do about what comes out of it.


Anonymous – By Choice. With Reason?

Parts Unknown

“Second bay on the right and straight on til morning” is how I usually answer where I live. I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “Leaks b’y, who is ya? Are ya a celebrity? Are ya a politician? Are ya Julian Assange? (Yeah it was asked…). Truth is, I just don’t want to answer those questions; “no” on the Assange question though.

Anonymity has its advantages because I can joke around(and pick on) those whom I have been lucky enough to have followed on Twitter and befriended on Facebook. Without segregation, I am an equal opportunist smartarse; I’ll pick on anyone. BUT, I am neither cruel nor argumentative with anyone(unless ya gets me talkin bout Crocs, and then I gets right cross!!). But with no GOOD reason to ‘confess’ who I truly am, I choose to remain anonymous.

I’m not trying to be elusive as to who I am, I just enjoys doin a little jig around the questions…guess that’s kinda the same thing, huh? *note to self: be more jig and less elusive.

Society puts so much emphasis on titles and hierarchy therefore, with heavy heart I officially bow out of the race for the coveted title of Jedi Master. My bio simply states that I am an average Newfie…and that’s all that anyone really needs to know about me…isn’t it? I guess in a way, that’s my title: Average Newfie. And I’m okay with that because I never wanted to be anything but.

Since I started the Wonderful World of NewfiLeaks tm. (haha), I have interacted with a couple ‘celebrities’ via twitter and email, and I can honestly say that if that’s what comes with being an ‘important’ person…they can have it. One individual followed me, and then unfollowed because well, I guess my Klout ( ) was larger than his…(?), and the other blocked me all together because of my name…yes, you read correctly, my name…..m’kay…..whatever floats ya boat m’son.

My view is: the fans are what put you where you are, and snubbing one shows you’ve gotten a little out of touch with us ‘average’ folk.

Just like in Jerry McGuire when the pro athlete wouldn’t sign a card for a kid because it wasn’t the right brand, if you block a fan because of his name (which I don’t believe is overly offensive(feedback is always welcome)) is in essence, cutting off the hand that feeds you.

I’m anonymous because I choose to be. If I should ever achieve celebrity status(and I pray that I never do), may I never be so sure of my success that I loose sight of the really important things like…the fans?

That being said, I wish to thank the two individuals who made me refocus my ‘agenda’ because without you, I may have also started to tailspin out of touch with what’s really important…interaction with my peers!

Til Next Time Remember: society loves a good celebrity crash ‘n burn…I’m not sayin, just sayin…

*No celebrities or pets were harmed in the making of this blog entry.


Drivers Piss Me Off

“Driving is a Privilege, not a Rite.”

That was the first thing I was taught when I first started driving…to this day I have no clue what it means.

But there are some other things I have learned since that glorious day when I was a full-fledged driver; other drivers on the road are arseholes.

There, I’ve said it. I’ve identified the elephant in the room… If you have a drivers license, you’re an automatic bonified arsehole.

Tell me you’ve never done this: you’re in one of those “keep right except to pass” so…you’re in the right lane.
Buddy in the SUV creepin up in the left passing lane…
Now tell me you’ve never sped up, just enough, to make him have to yield the right-of-way to you…


How about this beauty: pulling up to a 4-way stop and pulling to a stop just before the line so the other guy thinks you made it there first (even though you know he was closer to the stopsign than you were)…


Or: you’ve got a car parked on your side of the street. Opposing vehicle has the same. But you don’t slow down. Even though you know they had the right-of-way… You just pull out on his side of the lane causing the poor jackarse to slam on his brakes to avoid a front on collision with you, or a rearender with the parked car…


Know why I know so much about bad drivers? I see them every day. From the moron who refuses to slow down in a school zone, to the doorknob who pulls across 2 lanes to make that right hand turn.
*this special Arsehole award goes out to the jackass who did just that tonight*

Use your friggin mirrors fartknocker! Realize that there could potentially be a dapper young man(moi) doin 60 right behind you!

Oh, and one more thing: stay off yer damn cell phones!



Canada Day Memoirs

A few years back, I was helping at a polling station during a federal election and I witnessed something that made me realize what an incredible country we live in.

A young couple from China came in and needed some assistance as to where they needed to go. It was just around supper time so it was quite busy.

Waiting patiently for their turn to vote, I struck up a conversation. I came to realize that this was their first time ever voting, and they were so proud. Most of the people I helped that day considered voting a chore; a burden, but not these two.

I watched with heart-wrenching pride as two ‘new’ Canadians took their first step in democracy, and cast their vote. As I’ve stated in the past, “I don’t care how you vote, just vote” but it was a family from another walk of life, who showed me this, and how lucky we are to be Canadian.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a proud Newfoundlander, but I’m a very patriotic Canadian.

I’ll always jokes with me mainlander friends about how I’m a thoroughbred Newfie (both parents born before Confederation) but, they know how proud a Canadian (and Canadiens fan) I truly am.

But for all her faults, she’s not all bad is she b’ys?

To that Oriental couple who will never know the degree to which they impacted my life: thank you for making me see how lucky I am to live in Canada. In the Russian Roulette of life, I think I lucked out twice: being a Newfoundlander and equally, a proud Canadian.

Til Next Time Remember: sometimes the grass IS greener on the other side…

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